For The Kulture: DJ GCue (@JustGCue)

Michael Paz JR AKA DJ G-Cue

  • Professional DJ for 11 year (including clubs, private gigs, tour (G-Eazy and Ambre Perkins)
  • dope af
  • the god of blends
  • Power 102.9 DJ

GCUE: "What inspires me is that there is always someone better than me out there so I could never settle for knowing that I can do better myself. Culture to me is the community of people that influence the rest of their peers. They help bring change, new flavor, and inspire what direction the next generation moves towards.
The culture of djing is very important to me. Even though the industry is very flooded , I aim to preserve the culture by teaming up with people with similar goals in mind. Thus, inspiring the next generation to push the culture forward in a progressive motion. I feel that I set a precedent and example for other djs around my city by showing that there all multiple ways to become a successful career dj."

William Berrios