Budding Star, Denisia, Drops Music Video For "NEWAY" [FTK Exclusive]

 "NEWAY (anyway) is my depiction of the struggle of an independent artist fighting toward greatness. I love my city and I just want to show them that it's possible. We can work together... we can grow together. "New Orleans is a place where you can't miss a beat because so many people are waiting for you to fail" It's a place where the people can only show the love they have for you after you make it. "I know one thing, regardless of who gets behind me, mussic is my first love so I'm gonna do this shit  NEWAY!!!" - Denisia 

Okay, when you peep the video, you'll quickly realize that Denisia's energy on camera is wild. She carries herself like she's already reached the level she ultimately wants to be on. That's gonna transition well to the mainstream scene. Fans have to feel her comfortability, + they're gonna gravitate quicker + stay longer/be more loyal. As a writer, this video provides much inspiration, and the song itself is industry ready at this very moment. 

When describing this video/song, two words come to mind, transparent, and awesome. We can tell that Denisia is a purist when it comes to her craft + at FTK, weappreciate that. There will certainly be new fans after this + old fans will have an appreciation level that's through the roof. 

You can check out the video for "NEWAY" below. 

Shaq Cosse