For The Kulture: Swagu (@zelly_real)

Zelly aka Swagu

  • collaborated with Made Groceries
  • dude freestyles all day

Swagu : I'm Swagú, A young determined rapper that won't stop until he makes it big and make enough change in this world for the better. I'm known for a lot of free styling but I'm here to prove I can do a lot more than that, free styling is fun but it's just the tip of the ice berg with me. I am inspired but mostly My late brother Donald Aka Beezle, I am also motivated by my mom and friends, I wanna change all of their lives for the better and I believe I can do that through the music. I think New Orleans has a very unique and interesting culture but one of the best, it's hard growing up in my city but pressure makes diamonds. I wanna spread my culture across the nation because I feel like people are missing out and we tryna feed the world ✊🏾

William Berrios