D.Thib$ Impresses Quickly With '4 More Joint$'

D.Thib$ quickly floats in, and out of the DJ Hennessy assisted, '4 More Joint$'. From the intro, "4 Mo" to "Ble$$ings" which closes the EP out, D.Thib$ provides vivid raps on what it's like to live his life. 

D.Thib$ has charisma, street savvy, great punchlines, flow, and the ability to construct catchy hooks. These four songs provide a glimpse at the amount of skills D.Thib$ can bring to a full length project.

When turning on '4 More Joint$' you are hooked at the intro, and as you quickly finish off the EP, you find yourself rushing to get the intro going in yet again. This also makes you want to explore D.Thib$' SoundCloud more, also makes you just wanna tweet him, and ask for more drops. 

Hooking up with DJ Hennessy of HHP was a smart move here, as he always seems to provide the magic touch. 

You can check out '4 More Joint$' via SoundCloud here 

Shaq Cosse