Essence Fest Weekend Recap: Granny's 7th Boy, Spike Lee, and The Revolution

Not my busiest Essence weekend but definitely a unique one. Over the weekend I got to work with my guy Herm with his brand new EP Granny's 7th Boy release party (Presented by Soundclash NOLA). The turnout was great, the crowd was interactive, and really showed love for my guy! Radioshaq, Made Groceries, Cashmoney Chip, and many more was also in the building. Afterwords I had the opportunity to a soundguy gig where unreleased Prince concert footage was played. Afterwords freaking Spike Lee showed up with some of the band members of The Revolution and started talking about their experience working with Prince! Working with Spike Lee was interesting, he's definitely a perfectionist. We had to redo the sound because because he insisted on more depth to the sound. All in all the experience was great! Can't wait to see what Essence fest brings next year ( Last year I got to open for Mannie Fresh).


William Berrios