For The Kulture: MAQ, The Culture Pusher

Culture Pusha M.A.Q.

I'd like to say I'm a Culture Pusha who pushes NOLA Culture forward. Whether it's Music, Art, or Fashion.

For 10 Years I watched Culture Vultures take advantage of NOLA ARTist and enough was enough. I wanted to change that. So I did.

DaTakeOver Podcast is the first platform I was apart of. This is where we got a chance to get in depth with the ARTist so that there fans could know them personally and musically.

That wasn't enough for me though. "The M.A.Q. Hour" was created, which is dope because I give the ARTist a voice to be heard, especially the MC's that are slept on! You had to hear this music I was getting, I had to create something. S/O to my DJ, DJ Mushatt! Them mixes wouldn't be shit without my G! Salute!

All in all, I'm just playing part in the Culture my G! It cost zero dollars to show Dope ARTist some love, zero.

Before I go, make sure to Tune into The M.A.Q. Hour every Thursday from 7-9 on WBOK 1230AM + follow me on all Social Media Platforms (@CulturePushaMAQ) for updates + I have some new Venturescoming soon, Stay Tuned!

S/O yo DJ FTK aka Flaco for the love

Culture Pusha M.A.Q.


William Berrios