Gumbeaux Mix 4 Curated by TheRadioShaq

I'm back once again, doing what I does, dropping my last Gumbeaux Mix for awhile. This time around, I tried to go very diverse, some classic Hip Hop vibes via MidCityAb, freestyle raps by way of AK, trap soulful with Ken BLVD, new comers like L.L.E.R who has become a resident of FTK in the past 2 weeks, and Sydney who shined in her debut drop. We have our first bounce artist on a Gumbeaux Mix in Treety, who has taken the city by storm, and could've honestly had 2 songs make the cut. Below, I'll detail why I chose each artist, The Plug! 

I wanted "Igloo" by MadeGroceries to start off Gumbeaux Mix, but it hasn't been uploaded to SoundCloud. The GroceryBoys took it up yet another level though, and continue to rise to the occasion, with so many eyes watching now. I wanted to lead off with "Igloo" because to me, it's a record beyond its time, and showed the talent that MG possesses in the arena of constructing a hit. 

You can check out "Igloo" on Apple Music (here).  

1. L.L.E.R "Weekend" - The new comer, L.L.E.R started off Gumbeaux Mix instead. We featured this record "Weekend" over the weekend, and it was yet another standout from the young VA artist, after dropping off "De La Hoya" with us just a week back. 

2. Theo Da Don "Dolla$igns" - feat. Quentin The 5th  - This record was submitted by Quentin The 5th, a young artist I've been knowing about for some time now. He consistently levels up to the moment, but remains unique while finding a pocket in the industry. Seems as though The 5th has found his lane, and this was more evident than ever on "Dolla$igns" 

3. Bee "Met Gala Freestyle" - Bee has become a star in New Orleans, and a household name. He's arguably a Top 10 rapper in the city, he bodies every track, kills features, is consistent with videos, and project drops, personable, beloved by both men and women, and has a bevy of other qualities. In short, Bee has the formula to blow up to another dimension, and "Met Gala Freestyle" proved that. 

4. AK "Wild Thoughts SplashMix" - Protect your beat from AK, please. A descendant of Wayne, AK, like Bee has emerged as an arguable atop 10 rhymer in New Orleans. Both repping the Westside as well. It has become automatic for AK to destroy beats, and with freestyles now going viral, his projects bringing in new fans in flocks, it's only a matter of time before AK is completely out of here. 

5. Kristen Avian "Coolin" - I debuted this song at The Source about a month back, and my phone never stopped blowing up about it, and its owner. Kristen Avian, a young songstress, with a burning drive to be great, delivered a Summer banger in "Coolin", and honestly it's just one of her many hits. There's no denying the fact that Kristen Avian is on a fast track to success. 

6. Adon Shemesh "Can I Live" (I'm Live) prod. by Ghazi - Another track that made its original debut at The Source. This track, from the 'Reasonable Doubt' inspired project, 'Immunity' was a standout for me, as all the stars aligned in making this a hit. 

7. MidCityAb "Devotion" - Maybe the most important song to drop in New Orleans in 2017, MidCityAB does what he does once again. During a recent performance during Essence Fest weekend, I realized the true brilliance of MidCityAb, and it's on display once again on "Devotion". Like Bee, and AK, I'm pretty sure that it's safe to say or at least argue that MidCityAB is a Top 10 spitta in New Orleans. Some personalities, like Maq of the Blueprint Show argues that he's Top 3, no push back here.  

8. Lil Soulja Slim "Magnolia Freestyle" - Always authentically street, Lil Soulja Slim is unapologetically himself at all times, and this makes for some amazing music. The aggression, the vivid storytelling, and all around street charisma, Lil Soulja Slim has really set a solid foundation for himself as he continues to bring honor to his legendary Father's name. 

9. Young Juve "Repercussion" feat Curren$y - Young Juve has emerged as a true hit maker. Over and over again he delivers exactly what the streets need, at the exact moment, very similar to his dad's role in the industry during his prime. This time around, Juve tapped Spitta, and neither artist disappointed. 

10. Mhadi G "In The Streets" - This was a cut from 'Lil Spooky', a project in which Mhadi G completely skated on. A member of the booming collective, FreeWater, Mhadi G has been on a tear as of late, really matching the momentum that his teammates also carry. From the visuals, to live shows, Mhadi G has shows why many project him to become a superstar, on "In The Streets" that energy was no different. 

11. Hafree "Maggie" - This Joint was off of Hafree's 'Skeesh Tape'. And honestly, what's a Gumbeaux Mix without some Skeesh? That's really family, the homies are on a fast track to stardom, they have the city behind em, they're solid, easy to work with, and make fun, energetic, street, music. Music for the entire family haha! 

12. Neno Calvin "Tried" feat Tokyo Vanity - We now have Bee, AK, MidCityAB, and now Neno Calvin. All four have been mentioned when discussing Top 10 rappers in New Orleans. And honestly, all four of those would be included in my Top 10 list. Wanna know why Neno is included? Just turn on "Tried". Then play it for any group of ppl in New Orleans, I bet they know the words. Especially young, black, inner city boys in New Orleans. He added a lil extra by tapping Tokyo Vanity on the record, who completely held her own, and showed that she's comfortable with her own star power. 

13. Sydney "Papi Chulo" - New new comer, Sydney shines in her debut. Per convo about the record, I gathered that the new songstress is proud of her record, she describes it as her baby, and it was a long process in getting herself to release. We're glad she did. She already has new music in the vault ready for release.

14. Treety "Have You Ever" - Arguably the hottest artist in New Orleans right now, any genre, and she just so happens to be a bounce artist. Heavily inspired by Wayne, Treety has taken the city by storm with a string of monster records. This one, "Have You Ever" showcases her rap ability, and her ability to cater to her core fan group. Right now, there's no ceiling for Treety. The way her songs are ringing off in functions right now, the amount of people who can recite her lyrics, Issa movie. We may have to throw her in that Mix with Bee, AK, AB, and Neno haha, top 10, top 10. After she drops a complete project we'll reevaluate for sure. As for now, the streets are definitely hers. 

15. Lolly  "Fucking With That" feat. Alaya Lee - Last but not least, Lolly. Following the wild success of "Tramadols", Lolly follows it up with "Fucking With That". After planting herself in the New York culture, Lolly has began making connections, and progressing her career, and it doesn't seem like she's looking back. It's only a matter of time before we're seeing Lolly on our tv screens, and her charisma on "Fucking With That" shows us why.

You can check out Gumbeaux Mix 4 in its entirety (here).  

Shaq Cosse