Scarab Shabazz Doubles As An Artist & A Teacher on 'Saint Ptah' Album

Reflections from your Neighborhood Saint!" Scarab Shabazz takes the listeners on a voyage through & out the Matrix we've become accustomed to. The Album title is a play on words, growing up off "Saint Peter Street," Scarab Shabazz changes Peter to Ptah, an Ancient Kemetic Neteru,

Ptah represents : The New Aeon/Imagination/Visionary Prophets 

The Great Creator God PTAH has the power to imagine a new world and can open the moth of creation to issue it forth. He is a prophet and a swwe of the future aeons. He holds the potential of a Golden Age in his mind's eye. When we can tap into his vision, he helps us harness his ability to speak things into being. PTAH is said to have thought creation into being, He created the universe by speaking words through his Tongue and by thoughts coming from his Heart.

Scarab Shabazz embodies this aspect of the ALL to inspire the listener to do the same.

The above words, were the words of Scarab Shabazz himself. A new comer, through the sounds of his distorted 'Saint Ptah' album, gifted us with knowledge beyond our time, and did it through eloquent, but gritty raps, thought provoking lines, history lessons, metaphors, realities, and so many more avenues of expression.  

Through speaking to Scarab Shabazz briefly, in prepping this article, I realized that he is a huge fan of the craft, a student of the craft, and also a teacher of the craft. To stumble across an artist, who has the mental capacity, and the will to convey a message as powerful as the one Scarab Shabazz conveyed on 'Saint Ptah' shows true potential, and likens him to the Jay Electronicas of the world, if we're making comparisons. 

Scarab Shabazz takes us on a journey, from intro to outro of his beliefs. With wide open windows in New Orleans rap right now, for new comers like SS to step into a pocket, he responsibly uses his opportunity to cement himself as a major player, and I think that he'll instantly gain the respect of his peers with this effort.  

But, without further hesitation from myself, you can get into 'Saint Ptah' on SoundCloud (here).  

Shaq Cosse