Gumbeaux Mix 5 Curated by TheRadioShaq w| Words By Breon Robinson

Words by Breon Robinson - Student at Xavier University in New Orleans.

Opening up the mix, we have TheGroceryBoyz A.K.A. MadeGroceries with their song “IGLOO”. The popular rap group from New Orleans have been normals on other installments of the Gumbeaux Mix, and with the city behind them, there’s no telling where they’ll go. “IGLOO” is another song that gives listeners a taste of their authentic style and persona.

Hendrix Hussein - “Inner Peace”. Hendrix Hussein grabs the #2 spot of the list with his deep record “Inner Peace”. In his song, produced by Jay Bias, Hussein spits on a Jay-Z ‘4:44’ vibe, dropping black empowerment and inner peace within ourselves.

7¢ Herm - “7 Feet Below”. 7¢ Herm is back on Vol. 5 featuring MadeGROCERIES. Herm is one of those unseen gems of the New Orleans hip hop scene. With an authentic flow and interesting lyrics, his energy through shows up in his tracks. Front runners of the mix, MadeGROCERIES hold their own on the song, adding the two unique styles and flows together for one dope song.

Chad Conquering Lion - “Eye’n Loin Zion”. After being featured in the 3rd installment of the Gumbeaux Mix, Chad is back with “Eye’n Lion Zion”. In this record, he mixes his hip hop style with some Jamaican to add a little sauce to it.

L.L.E.R. - “I Bet”. L.L.E.R. is back to secure his spot after being featured on the 4th installment of the mix. He comes on this 5th installment with his song “I Bet.”

Abasi Qadhafi - “Down Low”. Abasi Qadhafi is a new name for me as well as the Gumbeaux Mix installments. On his song “Down Low”, he brings back an old Chance the Rapper flow with a nice flow to go with it. With his cold flow, Qadhafi has a lot of potential ahead of him.

Hafree - “Santa’s Little Helper”. Here’s another hard hitting record from Hafree. Apart of one of the dopest underground camps from out the city, Hafree goes in on “Santa’s Little Helper”.

$leazy EZ - “Doin 2 Much”. One of New Orleans’ dopest females rappers $leazy EZ is back on the mix with “Doin 2 Much”. After dropping her project ‘Smoke Break’ earlier this year, $leazy is giving us a lot more. Be ready to get more of $leazy EZ taking mainstream soon.

Ken BLVD - “sza’s - the wknd (rmx)” and “Need Much”. New Orleans’ own Ken BLVD throws his own remix on SZA’s popular summer song “The Weekend”. He adds his own version of being the weekend on this remix. Ken BLVD’s similar sound from The Weeknd has the ladies going crazy off of his tracks. Ken also takes the following spot with his song “Need More”.

Ariel Aqua - “3rd Ward Kitchen Vibe”. Ariel Aqua follows $leazy EZ on the list as a strong female rapper with her song “3rd Ward Kitchen Vibe.” In her quick 1:09 song, she gives off a nice flow while her bars have you wondering if there’s more afterwards.

DJ Shaad Smooth feat. cHaD, Midcity A.B. & A.K. - “Hootie Hoo”. DJ Shaad Smooth links up with some of New Orleans’ best lyricists with the likes of Grammy-award winning producer and New Orleans native, Chase N Cashe. “Hootie Hoo” has an authentic New Orleans style with cHaD, Midcity A.B. & A.K. all holding down their verses on this hard track.

Stevie Valentine - “No Way”. Stevie Valentinee is a new artist on the mix. With a mix of Tinie Tempah and Lecrae, Valentinee’s “No Way” is an inspirational track for any type of day.

BABY BOY SCUM feat. BMill - “Pull Up”. The Virginia rapper with New Orleans ties is back on the list. While being the youngest on the Gumbeaux Mix, his unique flow on “Pull Up” with BMill shows that these two together bring together a authentic style.

Negus - "Album Ready”. CGBTUNES opens up “Album Ready” by shouting out none other than the 504 itself. With his hard flows, CGBTUNES lets the world know that it’s New Orleans vs. Everyone in whatever.

Knick Gunna - “Get Down”. New Orleans’ Knick Gunna drops nothing but heat on this “Get Down” track. The Uptown rapper gives off a hard flow on this record, showing out for his hood.

Chad Conquering Lion feat. Kenneth Brother - “No More Love”. Chad Conquering Lion is back again on the list with his “No More Love”. On his Rose Royce sampled track, Chad features one of the coldest rappers in the city, Kenneth Brother.

And finally, to end off this 5th installment of the Gumbeaux Mix, AK Da Protege ends it with his “Baby Freestyle (Ashanti)”. His ability to spit some cold lyrics over the Ashanti classic shows his strong flow is a force to reckoned with.

You can listen to Gumbeaux Mix 5 in its entirety on SoundCloud (Here).

Shaq Cosse