7¢ Herm Drops Off "7 Feet Below" Visual Feat. MadeGroceries (Dir. by Writers Bloc Productions)

When I was first gifted with 7¢ Herm's most recent effort, 'Granny's 7th Boy', I knew that I had to share words about it, and that I did, in an On The Rise segment on The Source Magazine. Thought provoking lyrics, matched with authentic New Orleans street rhymes, storytelling on a grand scale, and so many more commendable attributes that Herm poured into, 'Granny's 7th Boy'. Standout track, "7 Feet Below" features likeminded creatures, MadeGroceries, and although the song stands firmly on its own two, this new visual, directed by Writers Bloc Productions, gives the track new life, and takes us on a nostalgic journey of Herm, GroceryBoys, with the assistance of the members of Excuse The Rant.

When you sit with a project like, 'Granny's 7th Boy', then you adopt a track from it like "7 Feet Below", as you listen, pictures, and visuals come to your head, based on how the track feels. Jose, the wizard behind WBP, captures these flashes of ideas, and turns them into what you see here in the motion picture for "7 Feet Below". It's what he does, it's what he's been doing, and it's what he continues to get better at. 

Not to be outdone by the guy behind the camera, 7¢ Herm, MadeGroceries, and ETR showed that their talents expand far behind their exceptional vocal ability, rhyme patterns, and storytelling. They showed that they are equally talented onscreen actors, and that they could effectively convey their message through body language, and theatrics. Those abilities, combined with the brilliance that is "7 Feet Below" as a song, makes for a timeless video, one that will undoubtably launch all parties involved into a new season of prosperity in their fields. 

You can check out the visual for "7 Feet Below" on YouTube here.. 


Shaq Cosse