Kashley Banks Taps Tokyo Vanity for Hard Hitting, "Gwalla" Record

I was introduced to Kashley Banks by Looty of In NOLA We Trust, and with the discovery of Bando Wavey, I know that he has a great eye/ear for talent, so it was instantly up there.  

The minute I turned on a Kashley Banks record, specifically "Gwalla" featuring Tokyo Vanity, I knew that she had what it took to be a major star in this industry, and it would be my pleasure to write some words about her, and shine the light. "Gwalla" is one of those joints that can take us straight through the fall, into the winter, keep bubbling through the spring, and be right back around as a hot record next summer. It'll take some working, Radio play, more blog coverage, street talk, and more, but with its hard hitting sound, and Tokyo Vanity lending her star power, it could blow up. 

I'm glad that I was awarded the track so early, and I'm able to analyze it, and do what I do with it. Don't be surprised if you see "Gwalla" on a Gumbeaux Mix really soon. I'm gonna stretch it out onto as many platforms as I can. 

A little backstory about Kashley Banks, her first album Is dropping in October called, 'The Deposit'.

She's been rapping since 14, but she began battle rapping in high school, at John Ehret. Kashley Banks graduated from Dillard University in 2014. 

You can check out the audio for "Gwalla" (here) on iTunes. 

Shaq Cosse