Update: DJ FTK, as a business, creative, and human

Hey guys

I wanted to give everyone a general idea of where I've been, what I'm doing, and what I have planned. If you weren't aware, these last few months have been insane for me. I went on my first tour with the incredibly dope Rocnation x Jamla signed artist Rapsody. I was the opener DJ and support DJ for Don Flamingo. After a few weeks of downtime after the tour, I end up on another tour. This time, I toured the also legendary Roc-Nation signed artist Jay Electronica. I was the opener DJ for the entire show and support DJ for Made Groceries and Michael Armstead.  Beyond that, I have also became the house DJ and talent manager for The Tequila House.  Im still at The Saint typically once or twice a month. 

As it stands, it's been difficult to manage my online presence and put my brand out there effectively. I'm always pressed for time. When Im not DJ'ing I'm at home with my son who just made 1 in February. Right now im working on making a more consistent post schedule for the blog and creating more pro content such as videos, pictures, and mixes (Finally, I know right?). Im putting money together to make an investment into some equipment that will help me obtain the raw content that I need to be able to give you guys some quality content. I've been hesitant to post media just because I'm a perfectionist. I really didn't feel comfortable pushing out content because I didn't feel like I had the time, energy, or resource to produce something that I would be proud of. Im also getting ready to hit the ground running with marketing and merch. I want to develop something that is more than just a brand name on the shirt. I have hired one of my favorite artists (Whats up Sol?!) to be in charge of the design. Beyond that I also have some events up my sleeve that Im hoping to execute in the coming seasons this year. I appreciate everyone that shows me love and comes to my gigs. I know I've been hella inconsistent but I told myself this is going to be a year of major and effective growth for me. I'm going to make sure that happens. 



William Berrios