Recap: Nostalgia 64


The event was a huge success and exceeded a lot of our own expectations. First and foremost thank you to everyone who showed up! Big thank you to Kat (Club Scottie) for planning and flawlessly executing everything. Big shoutout to my fellow Soundclash team mate and guest artist for the night DJ Legatron Prime! Big thank you to Small World for always supporting and providing the muscle and resources. Another thank you to DJ RnR who assisted me with the production set up and provided the sound system. Last but not least thank you to Video Ventures LLC for providing a 4k projector to use at the event. 

The vibe was amazing. I got to do an epic set along side DJ Legatron Prime. We passed the torch back and forth al night and the crowd could not stop dancing. We literally had to run a second line song and pull out the cleaning supplies so people could get the message. The event was comprised of two rooms. Inside, was the bar, and games area. We had Jenga, Uno, and a crowd favorite Cards against Humanity. Outside was the dance floor, we had a huge sound system, all kinds of lights, and a N64 with Mortal Kombat and Super Smash Bros ( Fact: Adam Vo handed me a L, i'll get him next time tho). 


From what I understand we had a few photographers and videographers in the building. Im working on getting their footage (so if this applies to you, hit me up ASAP!)

Here's some still I got on my camera 


William Berrios